The genus Cephaloleia (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in Central America and the West Indies

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:Staines, CL
Journal:Revista De Biologia Tropical
Volume:Special Publication No. 3
Keywords:cephaloleia chrysomelidae taxonomy new species lectotype key to species hispine beetles heliconia

The species of Cephaloleia Chevrolat known to occur in Central America and the West Indies are revised and a key to the 88 species is presented. Most species are illustrated. Twenty new species of Cephaloleia are described: amblys, cylindrica, eumorpha, erugatus, facetus, formosus, lepida, scitulus, and weisei from Panama; delectabilis and presignis from Mexico; brunnea and rubra from Trinidad; immaculata, triangularis, and vittata from Costa Rica; splendida and uhmanni from Costa Rica and Panama; cyanea from Costa Rica, Colombia, and Venezuela; and varabilis from Panama and Colombia. Three new synonyms are given: abscissa Uhmann (=dilaticollis Baly), beckeri Weise (=gratiosa Baly), and quadrimaculata Uhmann (=fenestrata Weise). Lectotypes are designated for eleven species: belti Baly, constanguinea Baly, elegantula Baly, fulvicollis Weise, instabilis Baly, nigropicta Baly, postuma Weise, quadrilineata Baly, separata Baly, stenosoma Baly, and vicina Baly. Two species are transferred from Demotispa to Cephaloleia: coeruleata Sanderson and costaricensis Uhmann, Cephaloleia coeruleata (Sanderson) is renamed C. sandersoni.

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